Sunday, March 16, 2008

D-Day 3

March 9th, 2008 - Around midnight, we decided to celebrate Elvis's B'day. I'm just going to let you watch the video and enjoy the sublime moments. This was also our turn to thank Rahul for all the wonderful years of friendship he gave us. He will be truly missed.

After those wonderful Thanksgiving Speeches and sharing the B'day cake, it was time to hit the bed again, only this time some guys decided to play cards and from what I could make out (while I was trying to sleep) Kris was being rogered once again. The guy did have a hard time reacting to the verbal volleys this time around. Around 4:00AM I got up and some guys who still had some "FUEL" left in them from last night decided to go out and have breakfast. As you can guess the only place you find stuff to eat around that time is the roadside. It was me, Hemu, Amit S, Elvis, Parag and Rahul scouring for a place to eat in a chilly morning in Lonvala. We finally got a stall that was serving some bhurji and omlets and we had our share. We teamed it up with some chai and we were ready to hit the bed again. This time only to get up and bid adieu. Time 1:00 PM. Karan and Amit K had already left early around 10:00 AM

We packed our stuff and hopped on to our cars. We planned to meet at Vashi before breaking up and going our own ways. The feeling that the SJ-QBR was over started to sink in as we drove on the Expressway and reached Belapur. Here I suggested to the guys who were going to travel to Mumbai to take a break and get some refreshments. We checked in to an Ice Cream parlour and the guys treated themselves to some desserts and sandwiches. It was time to finally say good-bye with a promise to keep in touch and meet again.

Well, thats how it all happened, hopefully this Blog will remain until such time we retire and look back upon our cherished QBRs. It is not possible to capture every moment we spent in as many words but this Blog will serve as a reminder to a tradition we wish to keep alive till death do us apart. Amen.

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